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    "Joe brought a significant breadth and depth of experience to the iOS project on which we collaborated. He approached the problem we were solving from a different angle, and we ended up with reusable code that will hopefully power many more projects. Even though this was his first serious project writing the language, he helped push me to write better, more efficient code - pushing yourself to do better is the definition of a good teammate." --Karl Becker, KBP

    "I worked on a team with Joe on an iOS project. I am really impressed with how efficiently Joe worked on the database and hope to work with him again soon.--Breahna Galbreath, Revive Design Studios

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    Whether you are looking for front end mobile development, distributed web services, design work, or needing trained on the latest technologies we've got you covered.

    We partner with local talent to ensure the highest quality work and communication, while also allowing us to stay agile and scale to support projects both large and small.

    We believe in open source, so we use tools like GitHub, Heroku, Rails, Sinatra, jQuery, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB to build solutions that scale at low costs; we pass that savings on to you.


    Android, iOS, Windows Phone? We've got you covered.

    We've been working on apps for mobile since the 2002; yes that is BEFORE the iPhone came along and changed everything.

    We offer superior solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. If you want natives apps; we do that. If you want responsive web apps; we do that too.

    Scalable Web Services

    When you go big on mobile, data goes big too. And that's why you need scalable web services. You need to know when relational data integrity is a necessity, and when you should take advantage of NoSQL.

    With Ruby/Sinatra or NodeJS we'll build your next web service that scales in a fraction of the time as all of those Java/.NET shops.


    We provide both one on one and group iOS and Android training. Contact us for details.

    We will prepare you to maintain your app once it's complete if you don't wish for ongoing support; but if you want we'll be there.

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    Yep, it's me

    A passionate software developer with more than 15 years experience, I have played a key role in both startup phases and fast growth transitioning in past roles.

    Currently I split my time between development of applications for web and mobile. One of the most recent projects I've worked on is Breakthrough Stats which will be available on the Apple App Store in February 2013.

    I'm always available for contract hire and can provide full service support.

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    Joiey Seeley

    1227 Glenwood Dr NW
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

    Mobile: (319)329-8552
    E-mail: joiey.seeley@gmail.com

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